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Get informed and take advantage of the real-estate market

Thinking about selling but not quite sure about the current real-estate market?

Selling or buying a home is always a big decision. Being informed about the current market is one of the most important elements of getting ready to take the next step.

Our FREE download contains a guide with information and trends of the real-estate market over the past 12 months in Central Brisbane.

We hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions about selling in the future or other ways to maximise on your property, get in touch any time.
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Chris Gower, founder of Gower Property Group, has 34 5-star reviews on Rate My Agent over the last 2 years.

About Gower Property Group

Gower Property Group strives to deliver great results while providing quality personal service to you. 

Its founder, Chris Gower began his real estate journey in London, UK, in 2015. He was captivated by its fast-pace and competitive environment. That is where he excelled and stood out as a highly driven, results-orientated agent. His outstanding service delivery and ability to understand people and their needs, made him one of the top agents in his area.

In 2017, Chris was back in Australia and keen to bring his experience and knowledge to the Australian property market. Joining UrbanX allowed him the opportunity to align himself with some of Queensland’s top agents. There he adapted his quality service and people skills to the high-end market of Paddington.

Not only was this a great real estate experience, but one that allowed him to work closely with UrbanX’s CEO, Dan Argent, who became Chris’ mentor on running a successful real estate business.

Chris took the opportunity to form Gower Property Group, to pursue his passion for sales and build a personal brand using all his experience and skills, while still taking advantage of UrbanX’s platform. Paddington, which he loves, is his key location, although he services clients across other neighbouring suburbs.

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Whether you are looking to sell or not, it pays to be informed and to discuss your needs with us. Our team at Gower Property Group is always available to answer any questions and help with any decisions you are looking to make. Call us on 0438 882 780 any time or email us on

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