selling your home.

All you need to know about the Sale process
Thinking about selling your property? Deciding to sell is not easy and being informed about what is involved, what to expect and how to prepare is very important. Below you will find detailed information on how our team at Gower Property Group helps you to navigate through this time. You can trust us to prepare you and your property and to take the stress out while achieving outstanding results for you.
1. Pre-appraisal 

This is the first step for us to meet and have the opportunity to discuss your sales goals, current real estate market, for you to ask us as many questions as you like to help you understand the sales process and what our agency offers. This link will take you to a page with more detailed information on how this works, what to expect and what to prepare. 

2. Marketing
Once you partner with us to represent you in the sale of your property, our primary focus becomes to get the best price possible in the shortest time. We will design a marketing campaign to showcase the property and ensure we attract the right people so we can find you a buyer. 
Marketing essentials
Professional Photographs - we will organise these with our own photographer to ensure highest quality standards
Floorplan - this will allow potential buyers to get a better picture of living spaces and understand the flow of the property
Copywriting - We work with you to compile all the property details which will be used for copywrite to showcase the property and to provide as much important information as possible to interested buyers. This may include property history, any disclosures, property highlights, average utility bills, energy rating, local facilities (schools, bus routes) etc.
Digital listings: 
On - 60 day Premiere plan
On - Platinum plan
Photo signboard
A4 4-page property brochures
Property DL’s
Marketing package – upgrades
Social: Premium Spoke package
Dusk and Drone photography and Video
Your property's own web page hosted under our GPG domain
Other: onsite auction; body corporate disclosure statement; onsite copywrite
Preparing your property

This is very important as you want to show the best facets of your property and make potential buyers see themselves living in it. This link will give you some ideas on what to consider when preparing for open homes. We also partner with a professional company with years of experience in staging homes for sale. This can be a great option to add to the appeal by making the interior more attractive and thus faster to sell. 

Open homes and private viewings 
We do 3 open homes per week, compared to 1 on average. This maximises the property exposure to potential buyers by giving them more chances to view your property. We also phone and email all buyers that we have engaged with in the last 6 months to let them know a new property has come on the market and invite them to inspect.

3. Keeping you updated
Our team will contact you daily per your preferred method, either phone; text or email, to advise you of progress and any news. We will also prepare and deliver weekly reports about open homes and private inspections, including online performance reports with key data points.
4. The Sale transaction
We make sure that we take offers in person and will present all offers to you as soon as we have received them. We will negotiate the purchase amount with the buyer until an agreement is reached that you are happy with and the purchase agreement is signed.

Purchase agreements often include other conditions, the most common being: 
Finance clause – where the buyer needs time to discuss potential borrowings with a lender
Pest inspection – this is standard and involves the buyer hiring a pest inspector to check the house for any infestations
Title searches etc.
You may want to itemise any damage that exists already that the buyer has agreed to accept
You will require a legal representative (conveyancer/lawyer) to ensure the conditions of the contract are reasonable and adhered to.

Settlement day is the day when the payment is processed and the ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer. On this day you can expect:
Final inspection – this can happen in the days before the settlement day. The buyer comes in to inspect the property prior to settlement to ensure that there are no damages or issues that have appeared after the purchase agreement was signed
This is normally the move out/move in day. Make sure you are prepared to vacate the property and allow the new owner to move in
Final utility readings – you might want to pre-arrange these with your utility companies; however it is always a good idea to take photos of the power/water/gas meters to ensure all charges apply to your usage
Prepare a pack for the new owner. This could contain clearly labelled keys, warranties for appliances, instructions on operating these if they are not standard, etc. The new owners will appreciate it
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